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Society has become very insular in the wake of Covid 19 and socialising on headsets has become a norm. YouT was created to remind us all to maintain human relationships and to prompt in person social gatherings. Using the YouT app you can now see who in your groups is close by. These groups are setup, accepted/declined and controlled by you. Seeing who is nearby can be anything from in the vicinity of your home or office to an event that has been set up in a local city.  

YouT was created to streamline the complicated process of catching up in this new hybrid working age. It removes the need for back and forth communications whilst trying to get multiple friends to meet at one location at an exact time. YouT groups receive real time information if a user makes changes or cancels and offers two simple steps to resolve this.

Organise a catchup in 3 easy steps...


See who's nearby

See your friends or colleagues who are out and about


Quickly create an event

Set up an event and find the best local venues


Easily invite friends

View who's coming and see their location on a map




Sign up

Login with Apple, Google, Facebook or Email


Set up a group

Invite your friends to join different groups, e.g. Uni Friends, Cycling Group etc


Create and manage an event

Invite a group to an event and receive notifications when people respond


Deals and offers

Special offers and new location features will be coming soon!


A new app for a changing world


In a world of smartphones and tablets, YOUT Applications Limited has been established to fill the need for an easy way to organise a catchup with friends, family and colleagues. We are pleased to announce that the company has released its website and will soon release the first application. So watch this space. It has taken a good few months of design and whilst we are a new company, we have a great vision to be the 'go to' provider for catch-ups with friends, family and colleagues.

YouT Marketing Team - Any questions? email us


Steve Westwood

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love this app its such a great way to organise meetups

Jane Asher

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great app for organising socials with my friends

Brenda Wallas

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Just love how quick it is to create a group of friends and invite them out!


Will everyone be able to see my location?

No, only the people you have added to a group or event will be able to see your location if you have allowed them to view your location. You can turn off your location at anytime.

Can I specify the location and how far the app searches for people?

Yes, there is a setting on the start screen that will allow you to set your search radius.

Can other people see my groups?

No, only you can see your groups and who is in them.

Is the location functionality always on and will it drain my battery?

If you have the app open then it will be tracking and so will be using your battery. When the app is closed it will give the groups you are a member of your last location, before it was switched off – if your location was turned on.

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